From an early age, Dhwaja’s inclination to the Arts was very evident. Expression of creativity through illustrations, designs, crafts, dance and paintings were a very integral part of her day to day life.

Armed with a degree in Fashion Design as well as Banking & Insurance, she founded her label ‘Dhwaja’ in 2015. What started as a customized Bridal label, today the brand is housed at various prestigious stores in India and abroad.

Dhwaja’s design principles stem from an intrinsic idea of nature and the beauty it brings to us. From distinct floral embellishments to vibrant nature driven colour stories, every collection is a deft conversion of Nature to Silhouette.

Reinventing the term ‘luxury’ through her dynamic yet minimalistic approach, her business character defines ‘Femininity & Freedom’ in its true form.

Dhwaja: “Inspiration is everywhere! For a creative mind, it's about how you look at something, absorb it, perceive it and turn it into a beautiful creation”.

Inspire. Create. Reinvent.